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eBay Auction Arbitrage

Arbitrage is the act of purchasing a product in one market for immediate resale in another. Arbitrage can only occur when there is a disparity in prices between one market and another. 

If you want to make money on ebay right now and don't have a significant amount of start-up funds, arbitrage may be your best option--at least to raise the money to purchase inventory for your ebay home business. 

You can start buy scouting out other auction sites to see if there is a significant disparity in prices between those sources and ebay. 

I personally suggest you start with sites like,, and If you can't find good prices there for the products you want to sell on ebay, you can search Google for "government auctions" and "auction sites." 

You should be able to find a number of online auction sites that are significantly less-trafficked than ebay, have significantly lower fees than ebay, and subsequently have significantly less buyers than ebay. 

You should then exploit this market loophole--the disparity in prices--between ebay and this market by purchasing products from your selected online auction site at low prices. You should first check prices on ebay to find out what similar items are selling for. If you can purchase at a significant discount on your selected online auction site, you should do so. 

You can immediately turn around and sell these products on ebay for higher prices. You should stress the discounted prices in your auctions and pack them with highly- trafficked keywords, so that it shows up for a number of different keyword and keyphrase searches. 

Some people even use this arbitrage technique exclusively with ebay auctions. They buy an item on ebay and then resell it on ebay, using one market within ebay to buy and then two or more to sell. 

You can use this technique, too. Search for items up for auction on ebay in popular categories, but with poorly organized templates and bad selling strategies. Purchase these items and resell them with professional templates, better descriptions, and titles that are filled with keywords that pull visitors from multiple ebay markets. 

Using this simple strategy and your skills as a professional ebay seller, you can purchase items and immediately turn them around for 200% profit. If you are currently looking for a way to bring in revenue for your ebay business, this could be a quick way to build your inventory without purchasing expensive wholesale lots.

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