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Combat Internet Fraud With Online Brand Protection Solution Posted By: Gladeyas

Today the economy is an advanced one and is in a constant stage of evolution. Developments with internet have made it possible for the users to opt for the quick search methods for their needed goods and services. As a result a user shopping online is able to compare the prices at a faster pace than he could have done otherwise. However, with these advancements there are also certain drawbacks. With the online trade and ecommerce boom, there has been an increase in the counterfeit products and online fraud that in turn has spoiled enterprise reputation and brand image. Companies Affected by Online Fraud The presence of the counterfeit products and grey market has affected the corporate brand image of numerous enterprises. The segments affected most include corporate enterprises, manufacturers of luxury goods and pharmaceuticals, organizations that specialize in the high-tech industry and many others. The way the counterfeit products reach the mass is through the online shopping sites that sell duplicate goods and products online at a discounted price. As the products reach the audience at large and they figure out that the quality or performance is not up to the mark, the original brand image gets tarnished.grey marketonline brand protectioncounterfeit detection

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