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Sell Otherwise Worthless Domain Name Traffic

This is what a lot of the big time successful domain name companies will do with useless traffic, low click through rate, or low CPM traffic domain names that they control. If your domain names are not meeting minimal standards of at least $4 CPM and you have not been able to sell your domain name there is still hope. This strategy is for domain name holders of large portfolios though, this is not recommended if you only have a few non-performing domain names. You can setup a simple website that will take orders from buyers seeking traffic. This site will have to include the categories of content, language of visitors and countries, and be able to control the amount of visitors sent to certain domain names daily. Many scripts of this nature can be purchased from hotscripts, or This should be for experienced domain name investors that know what they are doing and what traffic is actually worth.


If your portfolio consist of domain names that are one or two words, or they are peoples names, than you might have some interesting alternatives.

Another strategy which I have deployed many times in the past has been to locate companies that sell direct traffic and buy expired domain names. A simple search engine search will help you find such companies. Contact these companies about potential co-ops between yourself and them or offer them the chance to make an offer on your domain names directly.

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