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Buying Type-o/Misspelled Trademark Domain Names

First understand that typo/misspelled domain names have the potential for legal issues. If you register for instance and I own the Trademark for than you are infringing on my brand. This is rarely the case in the domain name investing world and usually companies will offer to settle with you and make a private sale for the domain name to avoid expensive legal costs.

Ask yourself does this domain name fit my investment portfolio?, will I be able to find an affiliate company or advertising agency to fit the content the visitors of the domain name are looking for?. Just because an investment domain name looks like a good buy, does not mean it will always be for your strategy. Stay on course, focus, and stay on budget. Download Good Keywords, this is a free program that will help determine the likely hood of a domain name being misspelled and the most common ways it can and will be done. This program can be found at

I use Good Keywords to generate a list of possible typo domain names, I than copy this list into a text file and load it with the Search Engine Commando software. Search Engine Commando will than show me which domain names are already purchased, who purchased them, and when they potentially expire. This is an easy way to examine thousands of possible domain names for purchase.

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