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Website Broker is definately a great place to sell your website or business online, they attract very high end series buyers and website dealers/brokers. I just listed another website on their site and within three hours I already had five people contact me. There is a small fee standard listings are available for 90 days for $9.95. They also offer premiere listings for $29.95 that give more exposure to your website which I always pay extra for. Domain names are slightly cheaper to list they have standard listings available for 90 days for $9.95, and premiere listings are $14.95.

If you have a website that has some users, sales, age and you consider it to be an established website go ahead and check it out - your not risking much to gain a whole lot here, if nothing else you will get a lot of traffic to your website for $9.95!!!! Here is there website sales page.

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