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SEDO is the world's largest domain name market with over 15 million premium domain names for sale! They really stand alone in the Aftermarket industry. I sold my very first domain name on SEDO back in 2003 and I never looked back, they have a premium domain name listing site as well but you have to have a domain name worth $10000+ usually to get listed on there but if you do you will be happy with the result.


I can't give SEDO a 10 out of 10 because it lacks in one category which is domain name parking, don't get me wrong they have a domain name parking program and the layout of the parking pages looks nice and the payouts are not bad but they could be better if you just wanted to park your domain name and not sell it.


If you have a premium domain name to sell, or you have a domain name that does not have a lot of traffic and sales value than SEDO is your choice!


My current sales total on SEDO as of 8/22/2011 is $26500 of which many were established websites using their free eTracker software - great way to sell your site, I have several videos of website and domain name selling in our members section. My total parking earnings however stand at only $1500 or so.


Sedo fees for domain name sales:

Sale Type


Buy Now sale originating on Sedo's Domain Marketplace
in which the domain is also parked3 with Sedo

10% of sale price
(minimum fee applies for category II TLDs)

Sale originating on Sedo's Domain Marketplace

15% of sale price (minimum fee applies)

Sale originating on the SedoMLS® Promotion Network

20% of sale price (minimum fee applies)

Sale originating on the SedoMLS® Promotion Network that is sold as Buy Now and is also parked3 with Sedo.

20% of sale price (minimum fee applies for category II TLDs)


They put up consistant record breaking domain name sales - here is last weeks top 20 domain names that were sold and you can see how many are from SEDO:

The DN Journal Top 20
Reported Domain Sales - Mon. Aug. 8, 2011 - Sun. Aug. 14, 2011
Euro to Dollar Conversion (€ to $) is Based on Rates in Effect Aug. 17, 2011


Sold For

Where Sold
1. $58,000 Sedo
tie $30,000 Sedo
tie $30,000 Sedo
tie $30,000 Sedo
5. $22,000 Sedo
6. $20,000 Sedo
7. $18,000 AfternicDLS
8. £7,500 = $12,450 Sedo
9. €7,500 = $11,025 Sedo
10. $10,750 Sedo



I have added feeds from SEDO's site here on this site if you would like to see recent sales, premium domain names available and auctions that are closing within 24 hours.


I highly recommend you sign up with SEDO







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