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$7.49 .com / lowest in the business!

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Well I am sure you have heard of Godaddy by now, maybe you have seen their commercials during the superbowl. This company has become an absolute power house in the domain name market, they have promotional coupons that go out every month so you can consistantly buy domain names for under $10. If you are going to be buying domain names on eBay or selling them on eBay you HAVE to have a Godaddy account because 95% of domain names that are sold on eBay are hosted with Godaddy.


Godaddy has the best domain name rates in town hands down, however there is a catch with this - there customer service is not the best in the world and they like to use proprietary software with their servers and hosting accounts which can create massive headaches if you are using their shared hosting plans because software that will install on virtually any other hosting provider will most likely need a few tweaks to work with Godaddy hosting.They have shared hosting plans for as little as $3.50 a month if you prepay and $4.99 monthly witch is about as cheap as you can find anywhere so if your on a tight budget go for it! One other issue with their hosting is that they do not use the beloved cPanel (A unix based hosting control panel). You can checkout there hosting plan promotion going on for $1.99 HOSTING HERE


As you can imagine with Godaddy being the largest Domain Name Registry in the world that they would also have the most amount of expiring and expired domain names on a daily basis. They virtually dwarf the rest of the expired domain name auctions from other registrars and for this reason all of the big domain name buyers flock to their auctions which display traffic stats for domain names, valuations for domain names which is based on a 12 Month estimated CPC earnings from each domain name. So if they have a domain that expired and it earned them $100 the previous month in CPC earnings they will valuate the domain name around $1200. This can be extremely frusterating when you have a bunch of new buyers on the site seeing valuations of $100,000 and not knowing any better to do some research on the domain name and they end up paying $15,000 for a domain name that will lose it's traffic in three months and they just threw away 90% of their investment - it happens virtually everyday buyers way overpaying for garbage domain names. I cover Godaddy in great depth in my Reseller Handbook and there are many Video tutorials on our site covering how to buy domain names, paying the right price, doing the research and making profits. If you don't know what your doing you will get runover by the rest of the industry! You can check out Godaddy Auctions HERE


Godaddy shared hosting plans may not be amazing but the Godaddy Dedicated Servers and Virtual Dedicated Servers are great for the price, perfect if you want to resell websites and make monthly profits from hosting from each website you sell by creating individual hosting accounts for each website on your dedicated server. Personally I have sold over 50 websites for about $30000 using that method with Godaddy Dedicated Servers. I am not going to really give much else away, if you want to really know how to make money with Godaddy and Domain Names/Websites make sure you sign-up for a membership!









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