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World Wide Brands is my FAVORITE Drop Shipping & Wholesale company directory that I have used. I have used this companies service since 2002 and it offers the biggest list of verified drop shippers with over 8,000 companies currently in their database, they are the easiest to use and most reliable company I have come across. You can search for products that you would like to sell and their database will match the products to the company. The benefit of this is that you can apply to hundreds of companies in a matter of minutes, all your information is stored in your profile and forwarded to the drop shippers you are applying too. You will not have to visit each company individually and fill out hundreds of forms to setup accounts.

When I had my corporation and sold massive amounts of drop shipped products we found all of drop shippers here, they do not get any commission for referring customers or incentives. All drop shippers listed in their directory are constantly updated and removed if inactive. They are also listed on the eBay website as a verified third party solutions provider. My company iNetDirectSales, Inc also owned a wholesale/drop ship packaging company that made specially crafted foam packaging material and we were listed on World Wide Brands directory and I can assure you we had sign ups everyday and I never paid a penny to be listed in their directory and they did not pay us either.

World Wide Brands also offers a free downloadable eBook that you can read that will explain how to use their directory and drop shipping - you can download that HERE

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