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This site offers the best of both worlds, I have used the site as both a "worker" and an "employer" and the results were great everytime! The site is a lot like ScriptLance but vWorker is a bit larger with around 400,000 registered workers and over 2,000 current projects at any given time.


If you are not an expert web developer, if you don't have time for website design, installation, marketing, etc than let some experts bid to do it for you! You set your budget, you approve all work, all the money stays in escrow until both parties are satisfied everything has been done to the specifications.


If your a college student looking to earn some extra money and you have a good knowledge of any of these : PHP, HTML, Flash, OsCommerce, Magento, ASP, Java, Javascript, mySQL, Pearl, CGI, Marketing, Installation, Design, Promotions, etc than you are in luck because there are thousands of smaller projects posted on this site that don't require great amounts of time that you can complete in between classes.


Positives: Niche categories, Escrow service, Low prices for employers, Small less complicated projects for college students!

Negatives: If you are a big company than this site is not for you, the projects are usually not going to reach the same high budget clients as some of the other sites








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