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HostGator Web Hosting & Dedicated Servers Review

Company Name: HostGator Hosting Solutions Website: HostGator
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Hostgator is my absolute favorite web hosting provider, let me first say I do have a dedicated server with Godaddy as well as shared hosting plans that I have had for close to 8 years now for SEO different IP addresses. I have used HostGator side by side, usually sites that I want to build and keep I use with Hostgator because their service is absolutely phenomenal, if you call - THEY ANSWER, if you have a problem THEY FIX IT. I have never had a hosting solution that was so easy to deal with, Godaddy will take me an hour to get threw on the phone and than get redirected around to ten different people because half the people who work there don't know what they are doing, they simply have too many clients and customers to be able to service them all. I do have about 95 domain names with Godaddy and their prices are great for them, it ends there for me though.


HostGator provides you with cPanel Linux hosting with unlimited bandwidth, unlimited e-mail accounts, unlimited add-on domain names, unlimited sub-domain names, and lightning fast servers.If you can afford the extra few dollars GO WITH HOSTGATOR! Look at these cheap hosting plans they offer -









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