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Panda Research Paid Surveys Review

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I did not want to add these types of sites to the review directory but I have had so many request and had so many people ask me if you can make money from paid surveys and opinion sites that I felt I had to lead people in the right direction. Panda Research is NOT like the other paid survey sites out there, they basically have hundreds of affiliate accounts setup with legit companies and offer incentives to join specific programs. When you sign up you will see a list of available "survey" opportunities that you can join and how much money you will get for completing the survey or membership. This company has been around since the early 2000's so you don't have to worry about them going out of business or not paying you, they are completely legit, back in 2005 when I needed money to pay rent I was able to make $800 for about 4 hours of work, I had not tried them again until recently, see below for a snapshot of my earnings in 2 hours.


Basically you can earn a lot of very quick money if you are ok with signing up with a bunch of free trial opportunities and canceling them before the trial period is up. There will be some real surveys on the site where you don't have to sign up for anything and just answer some questions and provide your e-mail address but you will only get a few bucks for these. There will also be some product trials where you have to purchase a cheap product, or pay for shipping of the product so you will have to invest a few bucks to make a lot more as these are usually the $30-$75 sites so you might have to pay $5-$10 but you will net a lot more.


As I previously mentioned I had used them about six years ago with amazing results, they have stood the test of time so I went ahead and tried some of their surveys and products again not to long ago, as I would not be including them in this review directory if I did not have confidence in their products. I was able to make $400 in earnings in about 2 hours time and I was paid as promised two weeks later, here is a snapshot for proof:




Like I said they are a legit company, great customer service and some big and quick money opportunities, check it out - free to sign up Panda Research


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